Portia Booroff


In These Strange Times, Short Film

"Working with Portia was a delight! Her brilliance in bringing a character to life is reflected through her fantastic portrayal of Mrs Spratz." Anais Soto Das Gupta, Director

Meeting, Feature Film

"Well you may or may not be aware of it but your presence and performance in the film makes such a great difference. And I'm not the only one thinking and saying it. Cant wait to finish it and share it with the world!" Emre Sen, Director

An Inspector Calls, UK Tour

"CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It was so so brilliant and your performance was magnificent - so fierce and strong. A huge well done for absolutely nailing it!" Charlotte Peters, Casting Director

Buoyancy, Feature Film

"It has been a dream come true for me to see this film getting made and big big thank you for being a part of it Portia! You rocked! People in the audience said that you gave a real Judi Dench in bond-vibe, which was an actress I had in mind while writing. So big kudos to you!" Roel Leijten, Director

The Price, West End

"I thought the run was excellent and I loved your performance. Well done!" Wendy Spon, Head of Casting - National Theatre

The Birthday Party, West End

"You were excellent. You had a lovely facility with the language; the accent was great, you understood her idioms and turns of speech, you were nicely rooted and earthed and played with all the other characters in really specific ways. I was delighted. Bravo and thanks" Ian Rickson, Director

The Birthday Party, West End

"I loved the way you brought warmth to her" Miranda Gooch, Casting Director

Hushed, Short Film

"Your performance is fantastic, just cant thank you enough - it was so lovely working with you on this!" Ross Shepherd, Film Director