Portia Booroff

I Just Wanted You To See

I Just Wanted You To See

Portia has recently been pack in the studio to do final audio pickups on "I Just Wanted You To See" from Exec Producer Salvatore Dodeci.

Portia plays "Janet" in a true story about a woman who takes her son’s friends hostage and keeps them in a cellar until they confess the truth behind her son’s death.

The film is produced by Film Fellaz and directed by Yordan Harasimov.

"Her ability to stay true within the many layers of the character along with her wonderful personality are traits that make Portia stand out. Portia brings joy on set, she enjoys the creative process of building the performance and stays open-minded whilst bravely exploring any direction given.

A nice, warm person behind the camera, and a strict, uncompromising professional in front of it."
Yordan Harasimov, Director

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