Portia Booroff

Special Recognition Award at @motionpicturesinternational Film Festival 2023

Special Recognition Award at @motionpicturesinternational Film Festival 2023

Short Film "I Just Wanted You To See" that Portia filmed last year is currently on the film festival circuit. It recently won the Special Recognition Award @motionpicturesinternational Film Festival 2023.

"As a team, it's great to know that people worldwide are screening IJWYTS. Our key themes will start a conversation with audiences that will help them combat difficult situations in the future.

A big shoutout to our cast and crew, none of this would’ve been possible without you. 🫶" - Film Fellas 💪🎬

Portia plays "Janet" in a true story about a woman who takes her son’s friends hostage and keeps them in a cellar until they confess the truth behind her son’s death.

The film is produced by Film Fellaz and directed by Yordan Harasimov.

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