Portia Booroff

Dead Lies Tour

Dead Lies Tour

Portia is currently touring the UK in 2022 in No.1 Best Selling Crime Novelist Hilary Bonner's new play - Dead Lies and receiving great reviews.

"A genuinely gripping final confrontation from the 'supportive political wife' nicely depicted by Portia Booroff"
Number9 Reviews

"Clever sets and good performances help make Dead Lies a credible and realistic experience. A solid work of theatre without ever shifting into the edge-of-your-seat category"
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"Booroff gives the standout performance as Peter’s wife with huge amounts of passion and a journey through the play which is clear to see and which we can empathise with."
Guildford Dragon.com

"Andrew McDonald and Portia Booroff are excellent as leading political journalist Alan Parfit and ‘supportive wife’ Jo George"
Sussex Review

Dead Lies is a fast-moving, hard-hitting political English thriller offering a feast of murder, scandal, sexual indiscretion and political intrigue.

Directed by critically acclaimed director Joe Harmston, the action takes place during a fiercely fought election campaign. The story follows Peter George, a politician who promises a new kind of politics beyond sleaze and spin.

The show is produced by Red Entertainment and tours the UK between April 2022 - June 2022.

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