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Emre Sen's Meeting now streaming on Amazon

Emre Sen's feature film 'Meeting' is now streaming on Amazon video.

A young woman organizes a meet-up party at her house where things go awfully wrong. Some of the guests mysteriously disappear, yet they keep on haunting her in unexpected circumstances. Meeting is a feature film about a young woman diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Portia co-stars playing her therapist Carol who becomes too entangled in her troubled clients life.

Below are some of the excellent 5 star reviews Portia has received from viewers:-

"Portia’s acting was exceptional. She would make a great Mrs Danvers!"

"Portia Booroff is particularly impressive as the assured therapist with issues of her own!"

"I enjoyed this rather quirky film and thought Portia Booroff was particularly good."

"very impressed with some of the performances. Portia Booroff especially, she portrays a tense and powerful character who finds herself in an extraordinary circumstance. For me, it kept me watching to the end."

"A very interesting film, although Portia Boorof’s performance was exceptional! She comes across as such a natural, believable and experienced actress that is definitely the most memorable from this film. I hope to see more of her work in the future. I’m sure we will as she was just brilliant and stands out amongst the others."

"We especially liked Portia Booroff's portrayal of the therapist. She brought great depth to the role."

"Portia Booroff performance was a stand out!!! Fantastic acting. Worth a watch."

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